Well it doesn’t get anymore in season than it is now.

Game on..

So let’s go, we have a busy few days ahead of us!

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First things first, the pavilion at Newport Craft is open everyday from noon till 8pm (10pm on Friday)with beers on tab, spirits, canned cocktails, lawn games etc. It’s a really fun party!


The Audrain Automobile Museum is open daily from 10am – 4pm.


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The 1934 Aston Martin 1 1/2 Litre and 1936 Bugatti Type 57 Ventoux: two marques that command the same level of respect now as they did eight decades ago.

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Weekend Lineup


The Deck: Brian Scott (12-3), Randy Robbins (3-6), Blue Dream (6-9), DJ Latiff (9-close)

The Reef: Jon Hatchett & Riley Downing.  (5-8pm)

Gurney’s: Luke Dennison (6-9pm)

La Forge: Piano Bar with Dave Manuel (7-11pm) 

Dockside: Spiffy’s party (9-1am)



Coffee and Cars at the Elms from 8-10am

The Deck: Sean Rivers (12-3), The Inn Keepers Band (6-9), Michael Johnson Jazz Band (7-10), DJ Wun (9-close)

The Reef: Void Union – reggae / ska 7 piece (9:30pm – 12:30am inside)

Gurney’s: C-Note Missionaries (6-9pm)

La Forge: Piano Bar with Dave Manuel (7-11pm) 

Dockside: Chopville (8pm – 12am),  Never in Vegas (10pm – 1am)



The Deck: Felix Brown (12-3), Royal Furs (3-6), DJ Cnote (6-9), Stu and Dave (7-10 inside) 

The Reef: Chelley Knight and the Daybreaks (5-8pm)

Gurney’s: Ben O’Connor (4-7pm) 

Dockside: Chopville (8pm – 12am),  Never in Vegas (10pm – 1am)