The Rhode Island Department of Transportation announced that it is scheduled to implement an all-electronic tolling system for tractor-trailer-only tolling at two locations along I-95 in southern Rhode Island starting on June 11, 2018. The remaining tolling locations will come on line over the next 18 months.

Revenue will be collected from tractor-trailers only.

The tolls will be collected at two locations between Hopkinton and Exeter. Toll Location 1 is approximately 1 mile north of Exit 2 (Hopkinton/Hope Valley) for the Wood River Valley Bridge on the Richmond/Hopkinton line. Toll Location 2 is approximately 3 miles south of Exit 5 (Route 102) for the Tefft Hill Trail Bridge and Baker Pines Bridge near the Exeter/Richmond line.

The toll for Location 1 will be $3.25. The toll for Location 2 will be $3.50. For tractor-trailers equipped with transponders such as E-ZPass, tolls will be limited to once per day, per direction. For tractor-trailers without a transponder, video detection systems will be used to generate an invoice for the registered owner of the vehicle. The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority will collect the tolls and generate the invoices where necessary.