Well it seems that former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo has a thing for football players. Just a couple of months after the New York Daily News reported that Olivia kicked Tim Tebow and his virgin ways to the curb, she has been seen cozying up to New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola.

Culpo is originally from Cranston and Amendola lives on the East Side of Providence, so I’m pretty sure that if the rumors are true this makes them the hottest couple in Rhode Island since President and Mrs. Kennedy heated up the scene in Newport more than 60 years ago.

President and Mrs Kennedy Newport RI



This is from Olivia’s snapchat.

Amendola Culpo

of course Amendola has his shirt off!  Have you seen him???


Olivia’s pretty hot too!

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo

Olivia culpo Amendola

Olivia culpo Rhode Island

Anyway, cheers to the new couple! I’m sure we’ll see them kicking around Newport this summer.


h/t Barstool Sports