This video of a Walmart fight in Beech Grove, Ind is setting the internet ablaze and setting new standards for White Trash America.

Seriously if they gave out an Academy Award for best white trash video then this wins the Oscar every year.

It has all the ingredients:

Middle America – √
Walmart – √
Two overweight women with tramp stamps (one riding a handicap scooter unnecessarily) – √√√
No one stepping in to break up the fight  – √√√√√√
A six year old getting in on the action….Wait, What?????

This is seriously bizarro world! Child protective services needs to step in and start a serious reeducation program for this young guy or he’s done. Mind blowing.


How in the world didn’t anyone step in????

Beech Grove Police are exploring whether to file charges in connection with the fight and whether to involve the Department of Child Services in their investigation.

Gee, ya think?

h/t Philtres Newport