(WATCH) – The Story of Festivus

The non-secular holiday Festivus became common knowledge in late 1997, thanks to the Seinfeld episode “The Strike.” Growing up, George Costanza never celebrated Christmas or Hanukkah. Instead, he observed “Festivus,” a holiday created by his father Frank to rebel against the commercialism of the season. The story of that first Festivus is a simple one.

You see, Frank Costanza went to buy a doll for his George and when he reached for the last one, so did another man. As Frank rained blows upon him, he thought there had to be another way. The doll was destroyed, but out of that, a new holiday was born. It was called Festivus. A Festivus for the rest of us.

On December 23rd, families and friends get together and gather around the traditional aluminum Festivus pole.

The tradition of Festivus begins with the Airing of Grievances. This is when you share with families and friends all the ways they have disappointed you over the last year.

Finally, there are the Feats of Strength, where the head of the household tests his or her strength with another family member or friend. Festivus is not over until the head of the family is pinned.


So Happy Festivus!!!!


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