RISK LEVEL III -Level III Community Notification requires disclosure of identifying (HIGH ) information in the form of an “Offender Fact Sheet” to (1) the victim and/or witnesses of the offense for which the offender has been convicted (upon request); (2) those organizations the offender is likely to encounter, such as schools, day care facilities and other social and religious agencies in the area where the offender will be living and/or working; including providing the public with computerized access to the information contained in this Fact Sheet; (3) law enforcement may also notify individual community members who are likely to encounter the offender.

The individual who appears on this notification has been convicted of a criminal offense which requires the individual to register with law enforcement pursuant to RI Gen. Laws §11.37.1 et. seq. (Sexual Offender Registration and Community Notification Act).

This individual is also subject to community notification under The Act, which authorizes law enforcement agencies to inform the public of a sex offender’s release from prison and/or sentence to probation when the Sex Offender Board of Review determines that the release of information will enhance public safety and protection.

This offender is not wanted by the police at this time. This notification is not intended to increase fear. It is our belief that an informed public is a safer public.

Except as provided by law, court order or other legal prohibition, law enforcement may not direct where the offender does or does not reside, or direct where the offender works or goes to school. Further, the risk level of this offender has been determined based largely on his potential to re-offend.

Sex offenders have always lived in our communities; but it was not until passage of the Sexual Offender Registration and Community Notification Act that law enforcement was formally noticed of their residence. In many of these cases, law enforcement is now able to share information with you. However, abuse of this information to threaten, intimidate or harass registered offenders will not be tolerated and may be a crime. Further, such abuse could potentially end law enforcement’s ability to engage in community notifications.

The Newport Police Department is available to help you by providing you with useful information on personal safety. The Department may be reached at (401) (847-1306). If you have information regarding current criminal activity of this or any other offender, please call 911.

Name: Vernon G. Massie Race: White Eyes: Blue Hair: Black
DOB: April 8, 1967 Height: 5’10” Weight: 250 lbs
Address: 79 Thames St. Apt. 1A Newport, RI 02840

Convicted Offenses: 2011-NC-Indecent Liberties with a Child (2 cts), 2016-US-
Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Probation Period: Until October 25, 2021

Victim was a 12 year old female known to Massie