Blue Cross Dumpster Fire

Blue Cross might be the most garbage company in America

So get this. I was trying to make a doctors appointment when I was informed that my health insurance wasn’t active, so I called Blue Cross RI to investigate. They told me that my insurance was indeed cancelled in October for non payment, so I investigated further. I checked my bank records and saw that they cashed checks of mine for $521.80 on October 14th and for $1043.60 on October 19th.

They recognized that I made those payments. So why did they cancel my insurance? Apparently I was 80 cents short. So now I don’t have health insurance because of 80 cents. I gave them more than $1,500 and they have dropped me over 80 cents. Ash tray money. My health insurance provider has dropped me over ash tray money.

I have given them more than $6,000 this year and they have dropped me over 80 cents. Go look in your couch cushions and you’ll find more than that. Oh and guess what? They don’t have the ability to accept payment over the phone. I have to mail in a check for 80 cents. EIGHTY CENTS!

Also. They never contacted me to tell me I owed them 80 cents. They never sent me a bill for 80 cents. They just dropped me over 80 cents.

In 2017 Blue Cross RI brought in $1,736,010,000. One point seven BILLION dollars and they suspended a long term customer for 80 cents. Blue Cross RI CEO Kim Keck earned $1.4 million in 2017 and they paid their former CEO Peter Andruszkiewicz $1.15 million in 2017 despite leaving the company in 2016.

Oh and here’s the kicker, they are demanding payment for December and it’s not ever December yet.


But don’t worry, Blue Cross. Your check is on its way.


— Update: They have agreed to reinstate my insurance but the incredible kind and patient customer service rep (really) made sure to tell me to get my 80 cent check in right away!