Covid Cooking with Christian Winthrop Episode 5

COVID Cooking with Christian Winthrop: Episode 5 – Thomas Tew Pirate Stew

On Episode 5 of COVID Cooking with Christian Winthrop, I make my most delicious meal yet, Thomas Tew Pirate Stew. 

Now that I am known throughout the land as the COVID Cooking Corona King, these amazing recipes just come to me in my dreams. They tickle and taunt my brain. “Make me, Christian,” they tease. “Eat me, Christian,” they plead. It’s exhausting and they only way to stop the flirtations is to submit to the voices and get cooking in the kitchen. 

And that’s how we ended up here tonight. My friends at Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling were kind enough to supply me with a bottle of their delicious Thomas Tew Rum and the rest they say is history.

Behold the most delicious stew this world has ever known.

Enjoy! (Edited by Kat Goss)

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