COVID Cooking Christian Episode 4

COVID Cooking with Christian: Episode 4 – Bellevue Blue Blood Chicken Soup

On Episode 4 of COVID Cooking with Christian Winthrop, I teach you all how to make the legendary Bellevue  Avenue Blue Blood Chicken Soup.

This closely guarded recipe originated with Commodore Vanderbilt who passed it along to THE Mrs. Astor in the late 1800s. Mrs. Astor bequeathed the recipe in her will to the first born daughter of the Duke tobacco family. That’s how Doris Duke ended up with it. In 1976 Ms. Duke had a few too many cocktails at a Tall Ships party and passed along closely guarded repipe to my dear friend Mrs. Eileen Slocum. In 2002, while attending a dinner party at Mrs. Slocum’s house, Eileen shared the sacred recipe with me and today I share it with all of you.



edited by Kat Goss