FDA authorizes vaccine boosters for people with weakened immune systems

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday authorized Covid-19 vaccine booster shots for people with weakened immune systems.

The FDA OK is not the final go-ahead. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine advisory committee has scheduled a meeting Friday to discuss vaccine boosters and to take up the FDA authorization. If the CDC gives the go-ahead, vaccine distribution is expected to begin immediately.

“Immunocompromised individuals are vulnerable,” Dr. Fauci said Thursday. “It is extremely important for us to move to get those individuals their boosters, and we are now working on that, and we will make that be implemented as quickly as possible. … It is a very high priority.”

Studies have suggested that a third vaccine shot might help patients whose immune systems don’t respond as well to a first or second dose.

The immune compromised make up about 3% of the population and include cancer patients, transplant recipients, people with HIV and people on immunosuppressant drugs.


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