Connecticut to end school mask mandates Feb 28

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced Monday that he is recommending that statewide mask mandates and school mask mandates end in Connecticut by February 28. Lamont said he will leave decisions on whether to require masks up to the local leaders such as mayors or superintendents.

“I think that we’re at a very different place than we were six months ago,” Lamont said. “Certainly a very different place than we were a year ago.” 

“We are two years into this thing. You’re not going to get an all-clear sign, there’s not going to be a day they say we have zero infections. … We know from previous experience that there will be additional ripples as time goes. I think this is the right decision at the right time to give this discretion … up to our superintendents,” Lamont said. “More to the point, I think it’s going to be milder and less impactful and that means your vaccine, and your booster and your mask on special occasions are going to be more impactful and keep you safe.”

Connecticut joins New Jersey and Delaware in lifting the mandates. All three announced Monday.

Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee said on Monday that he was reviewing mask mandates in the Ocean State.



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