Lorraine Grohs Tom Brady

Florida Woman Says Tom Brady Should Apologise For Throwing Lombardi Trophy (Which Is Shaped Like a Football) Like A Football

Can you imagine hating your life this much that you have to get angry over Tom Brady tossing a trophy (that he won) around with some of his teammates during a Super Bowl parade? Come on Lorraine Grohs, Get a grip. Their job is to throw and catch things for a living, your father and grandfather should be honored.

Here’s what’s funny. The Stanley Cup has been through muuuucccchhhhhh, muuuuuccchhhhh, muuuuucchhhhhhhh worse and there’s only ONE of them! They make a new Lombardi Trophy EVERY YEAR!!!!

Please consider this my official petition to rebrand ‘Karens’ as ‘Lorraines.’

“I didn’t sleep for the past two nights because of this!”