FB dislike

For the love of God, please STOP sharing that stupid Facebook copyright message

Stop it. Stop it, right now!  You all are way smarter than this. (Please tell me you’re smarter than this) Stop sharing that stupid Facebook copyright notice. Did you really think it was legally binding? Seriously? Because it isn’t. It’s just some old hat status troll that’s been going around for a few years. You know what is legally binding? Facebook’s TOS you agreed to when you created your account.

The Rome statute? That has to do with genocide and war crimes. Come on guys, be better!

So please go back to bashing Donald Trump, worrying about who Miley Cyrus is sleeping with and crying about hotels in Newport!

Oh and PS – no matter how many likes that photo gets nothing’s going to change in the world, Bill Gates isn’t giving you money and you’re not getting a free flight on Delta.

*end rant*