Gogglegate 2018

On Friday,  August 31st, at an intimate gathering of equals, the most heinous of crimes struck the Audrain Summer Gala that sent a shudder through our beloved community.  Shortly after 9pm, a crime occurred. A crime so despicable that our children’s children will be telling the tale of that evening in hushed voices throughout the 5th Ward a hundred years from now.

During the auction portion of the evening, I briefly stepped away from my table to take a photo with some capital J Journalist friends when my $10 vintage aviator cruiser goggles with silver lenses, a silver frame and black padding were brutally stolen.

Here is the last known photo of the goggles.

christian winthrop

Now I’m not saying that this gala was a ruse intended solely to steal my goggles but I’m not not saying that either.

So I come to you, hat in hand, asking for your generosity during this most difficult and troubling time.  

So please. Can you find it in your heart to donate a nickel, a dime or maybe even $10,000?

**Also Halloween is just around the corner and those glasses were to serve as the magnificent centerpiece of my Halloween costume which would mean that I wouldn’t have to go as Howard Stern/Slash for the 4th year in a row.


Thank you for most generous donations.

Please donate here!

– Christian Winthrop

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