Kate Leonard 3rd Ward Newport RI

Kate Leonard’s a Keeper!

Kate Leonard is running for re-election for the Newport Third Ward Council seat. She has always been extremely passionate in representing and being an advocate for her constituents. She says, “This has brought me enjoyment and I feel that the City Council allows me to give back to the community that I love. I believe my role is to work for the people–both residents and businesses. My goal has always been to support those who live and work here–to not tax people out of town and to bring job opportunities that will bring young people who grew up here back to be with their families.”
Here are some of the many accomplishments Kate has achieved as your 3rd Ward Councilor.

1. Votes consistently to protect the wallets of Newport residents and businesses/fights to keep property taxes reasonable
2. Always questions expenditures in City Budget
3. Advocates to keep Newport families here by working to keep Newport affordable
4. Constantly assessing Fiscal Impact and balance for accountability and job productivity in city departments
5. Voted for RI penny-per-pound money to protect Newport watershed Properties
6. Sponsored resolution for State Legislature to pass “Transfer Upon Death Deeds” to save families on inheritance taxes and need to through Probate Court

1. Lobbied and voted to create the Deputy Zoning Officer Program to promote peace, control party houses and control over-crowding and AIRBNB violations
2. Worked with Mrs. Dorrance Hamilton to conserve the land at old Edgehill site on Harrison Avenue resulting in the creation of SVF Foundation that has since received several national awards for
historic preservation and provides jobs for local residents
3. Works with neighbors’ concerns to protect R-10 residential areas from guest houses

1. Available 24/7 to answer texts, emails, and phone calls from Constituents
2. Acts promptly to mediate constituent concerns with City Manager and his department heads, especially Public Works, Zoning, and Police

1. Advocated for “green space” and land conservation: worked with prior Council and Aquidneck Land Trust to protect City parks from future development, worked with Prince Foundation to
purchase development rights of Spouting Rock land and to provide open space around Almy Pond
2. Concerned about the impact of pollution on our environment by investigating pollution at King Park Beach (CSO problems, install sewer line for King Park toilets that were emptying into the harbor)
3. Lobbied with Friends of the Waterfront for years to protect public access—designated rights of way to the water in Newport
4. Sponsored resolution to institute “conservation overly districts” to protect Newport from housing density
5. Voiced concerns about building new hotels in downtown area and the effects on our infrastructure
6. Works with State and Federal government officials to address city issues

1. Raises funds to beautify King Park, restore the gazebo, and raise funds for the NIMFEST Summer Concert Series
2. As a Trustee for the Hamilton Improvement Fund, the King Park Harbor Walk was created working with Friends of the Waterfront and historic fencing was installed at Aquidneck Park for the safety of children
3. Fought the keep diesel Duck boats out of King Park, Newport Harbor, and city streets
4. Spent 20 years working with neighborhood groups such as The Point Association, Hill Association, and Bellevue Ochre Point Association, when active
5. Works with the Point Association to protect Storer Park, Battery Park, and be and advocate for residents
6. Works with Friends of King Park to provide plantings in the park 7. Advocates for locals to use dinghy dock at King Park Pier for family recreation
8. Advocated with Councilor Napolitano and attended Legislative Hearings to stop RIPTA bus announcements from disturbing residents on The Point
9. During gas power outage worked with National Grid Supervisors to get power to those in need for medical reasons and for families with small children; personally sent trucks to CT to purchase
electric heaters when National Grid ran out and donated to families in need
10.Voted to expand funding for the improvement and road and sidewalk repairs
11. Consistently pushing City Manager to address speeding on city on city streets, especially Harrison and Ruggles Avenues and to address loud motorcycle noise from illegal pipes
12. Negotiated the city lease of $1 a year with old Fleet Bank Boston to gain the site for Thames Street Police Sub-Station
13. Sponsored resolution to extend King Senior Center Lease

1. Volunteer Organizer/Fundraiser/Mentor for 12 years as Rogers High School Horticulture Summer Mentoring Program that gave students summer jobs
2. Go to Alliance for Livable Newport for response on bond issue
3. Advocated for Pell Expansion
4. Advocates for more vocational/mentoring programs
5. Sponsored resolution to request meetings with Middletown and
Portsmouth School Committees
6. Concluded that Bond for a new HS building may not be affordable taxpayers and that island cooperation offers more opportunities for students to learn and secure their futures

1. Works consistently to protect small businesses that employ local Residents
2. Voted to disallow new free liquor licenses in order to protect businesses that have paid for these valuable businesses
2. Supported the creation of Innovate Newport at the Sheffield School to encourage a more diversified economy in Newport and help establish new small businesses
3. Open communication with all business owners’ concerns
4. Helping businesses re-open during Covid Pandemic
5. Sponsored resolution for State Legislature to require insurers to cover Covid-19 related business losses
6. Sponsored resolution for RI Legislature and Airport Authority to improve airport safety at island airport

Please vote Kate Leonard on November 3rd

Contact Kate:
Telephone: 401.849.4818 or Mobile 401.952.3461
Email: KateLeonar@icloud.com (no “d” on Leonard)