Letter: A Profound Disrespect for Newport’s Future – Deconstructing the City Manager Appointment

To the Editor:

The recent selection of Colin Kennedy as City Manager by Mayor Khamsyvoravong represents a concerning deviation from responsible governance and a demonstrably poor stewarding of our city’s potential. This decision warrants meticulous examination for the following reasons:

1. The Marginalization of Expertise: The presence of Ms. Laura Sitrin, an individual possessing an illustrious 23-year tenure within municipal administration, was demonstrably disregarded. To prioritize an individual lacking the requisite experience over such proven competence implies a privileging of extraneous factors over demonstrably effective leadership.

2. A Charter Undermined, Trust Eroded: The City Charter serves as the bedrock of our municipal governance; Section 5.1 explicitly delineates qualifications, including municipal experience, for the City Manager role. Mayor Khamsyvoravong’s blatant disregard for this legal foundation erodes the very core of our city’s administrative framework and consequently, the citizenry’s trust.

3. A Risky Gamble with Unmerited Compensation: Mr. Kennedy’s lack of experience necessitates a reevaluation of his suitability for such a critical role. The proposed, and frankly, exorbitant, compensation package, particularly in light of his qualifications, underscores a disturbing disconnect from the priorities of Newport’s taxpayers. Five weeks of vacation coupled with opportunities for external income paints a portrait of an individual more concerned with personal gain than devoted service to Newport.

4. A Precedent Fraught with Peril: This transcends the confines of a singular appointment. It establishes a potentially disastrous precedent. Are we to passively accept the Mayor’s circumvention of established protocols, the sidelining of demonstrably qualified candidates, and the squandering of taxpayer resources without consequence?

The Imperative for Change: The time for complacency has passed. Newport cannot afford feckless leadership. The current political landscape demonstrably falls short of its obligations. We demand new leadership, innovative ideas, and an unwavering dedication to progress.

Kevin McCarthy




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