Newport Craft Brewing & Distilling Co. announced today the hire of Rhode Island native and veteran brewmaster, Ben Chambers.  After more than a decade plying his trade at MillerCoors in Denver, CO, Sweetwater Brewing in Atlanta, GA, and Fatty’s Beer Works in Charleston, SC, Ben will return home to run Newport Craft’s brew team.

Armed with a chemistry degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and extensive experience in culinary science and malt houses, Ben has developed a technical, but traditional brewing style compared to a crisp, clean Helles.  Ben’s brewing experiencing is diverse and runs through the spectrum of New England and West Coast IPAs, wild-ales and barrel-aged stouts.  Most recently, Ben hit the fastest growing subset in the craft brewing industry, brewing hemp infused beer.  Ben was part of the innovative brewing teams that produced Sweetwater’s best-selling 420 Strain G-13 beer, and Fatty’s Beer Works 710 SMASH IPA. 

“A fan of the Company from afar, Ben is excited to bring his talents to the Ocean State and to join the team and future of Newport Craft,” the company said in a statement. “Newport Craft is excited to welcome Ben, wife, Lisa, and their 4 year-old twin daughters to the Craft family at the end of April.”