Newport singles bars
credit: Tyler Ropolo

The Best Singles Spots In Newport, RI

Looking to find Mr. or Ms. Right or at least Mr. or Ms. Right Now to complete your Newport, RI experience? Well then you’re in the right place, because we’ve scoured the Newport bar, restaurant and nightlife scenes to bring you the list of the hottest hook-up spots and singles bars in town.

Here’s our list of the best singles bars in Newport, RI

The Clarke Cooke House – Located in the heart of Downtown Newport, this quintessential waterfront restaurant, bar and nightlife mecca is the long reigning king of Newport Nightlife, catering to a Who’s Who of Newport and the go-to spot for New York society. Their strict door policy and uber exclusive Sky Bar helps weed out the undesirables and makes this the perfect incubator for trust fund love. Dress well and bring your best manners.

Tavern on Broadway – Looking for a hot, cool local crowd on Broadway? Look no further than Tavern on Broadway! Tavern is always bustling with an eclectic mix of trust funders, artists, musicians, restaurant industry peeps and professionals. Their buck-a-shuck Wednesday night raw bar is the best raw bar in town and it’s always packed!

Pasta Beach – Since moving to Bellevue Avenue, Pasta Beach has become on of the hottest spots in town. Brothers Tyler and Eldredge Ropolo have transformed this Pasta Beach into a mecca for the well heeled hot 20’s and 30’s scenesters from NYC, Boston, Europe, Newport and beyond. Call ahead for reservations because Pasta Beach is one of the hardest tables to land in town. You’re welcome.

Dockside – If you’re looking for a waterfront bar with great live music and a crowd that skews mid to late 20’s, then Dockside is your place. With the largest capacity in town, Dockside is alway packed with smokes!  Have fun.

Forty 1° North – Chic and extravagant with beautiful waterfront views. A well-heeled and impeccably dressed crowd dominates this harbor side Mecca during the summer months. Get your 41°N Card for priority access and it’s pricey so bring your Amex Black. While catering to the same clientele as the Clarke Cooke House, Forty 1° North’s new construction and contemporary decor make for a stark contrast. If you’ve ever dreamed of picking up a guy, only to have the valet pull up in his Ferrari at the end of the night, this is the place to do it.

The Fifth Element – ‘Bar meets grill’ at this popular Broadway hangout where a loyal local following of attractive 30 & 40 somethings meet and mingle for great food, stiff drinks and a fun nightlife. Weekends at The Fifth are an interesting mix of regular barflies and the low-key busy local professionals who only make it out on weekends.

One Pelham East – One of Newport’s busiest and most popular bars, this downtown meet market is always packed with groups of guys and girls in their 20′s looking to enjoy great live music, a crazy scene and a random hook up. With some of the hottest bartenders in town, The Pelham never disappoints. If you’ve ever wondered where roaming bachelorette parties end up at by midnight, the Pelham is your answer.

The Deck – On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights (in the summer) this hip outdoor restaurant/bar overlooking the harbor is the spot for singles in their 30′s and 40′s to meet their summer love. The crowd tends to skew Boston but with beautiful people abound. Be sure to get there early because it fills up fast. If the crowd gets to be a bit much, head around the back of Dockside to On The Docks, where you can enjoy a smaller crowd and an amazing view.

Fastnet – A favorite hangout for the expats and the yachting crowd, Fastnet is usually jammed with a high energy attractive 20 something crowd. Fastnet is a party pub and their outside space with ping pong and pool tables makes gives this place a fun and easy backyard party vibe.


Newport Craft Brewing and Distilling – Ever since Brendan O’Donnell and crew have taken over Newport Storm, this place just continues to rise on all of the party lists. Bachelorette parties flock here all year round and during the summer months Newport Craft is quickly becoming to Newport what Cisco Brewers is to Nantucket with live music, lawn games, delicious brews, tasty spirits and special events all year round. So throw Newport Craft in your rotation because they have big, big plans on the horizon.

Happy Hunting!!!

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