The Meter Maids are back!!!!

May 1st marks the beginning of sticker and metered parking in Newport, RI and that can only spell one thing — Summer is almost here! Well two things if you want to consider the parking headaches we’ll all be experiencing soon.

Meters are in effect 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. and are $1.25 an hour at the meters downtown and $2.00 an hour near Easton’s Beach.

Sticker parking allows Newport, RI residents (and those with guest passes) exclusive parking privileges in many of our neighborhoods.

A couple of simple and fast rules. If you park in a sticker parking zone without a resident sticker. You WILL be ticketed. Usually within just a few minutes. Ditto on expired meters! We’re not sure exactly what they feed the Meter Maids here in Newport but they’re quick, they’re fast and they’re ruthless. We’ve literally seen them race each other to write a ticket. Literally.

So make sure to heed our warning and best of luck finding a spot!

If you’re a Newport resident you can get your parking sticker at Newport City Hall on Broadway.

Parking fees will be in effect at The Gateway Visitor’s Center Parking Lot as of May 1st. Parking rates are $2 for the first half hour and $1.50 for each subsequent half hour. Tickets validated at Discover Newport visitors center receive one half hour of free parking. Weekly and monthly rates are also available.

The Mary St. Parking Lot operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Mary St. is a self-pay, pay & display parking lot. The rates are $3.00 per hour and $20 per day. Pay Stations are located in the center of the parking lot adjacent to the restroom and accept cash or credit cards. City residents with a valid resident sticker are entitled to up to three (3) hours of free parking once per day at the Mary St. lots. Residents must enter their license plate number in the pay station and, if parking for three hours or less, there will be no charge. The receipt must be displayed on the dashboard.

Sticker Parking is in effect until October 1st, Parking Meters until October 31st.