The two front runners for Governor of Rhode Island have easily won their party primaries. Incumbent Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo made easy work of former RI Secretary of State Matt Brown taking 56% to his 34%. Some dude named Spencer Dickenson, who had the WORST political ads in a generation, took around 10%. On the Republican side, Mayor Alan Fung of Cranston dispatched Representative Patricia Morgan and businessman Giovanni Feroce with 56% of the vote.

Both winning candidates for governor refused to debate their opponents in any substantive venue and that strategy appears to have worked. They both move on to the General Election without actually taking a stance on almost anything. (hat tip to both, well done! The race for the middle is going to be glorious.)

**November prediction** Governor Raimondo wins by a razor thin 41.7% to Fung’s 41.2% while former Republican State Representative and Trump RI Campaign Chairman Joe Trillo plays spoiler with 17% of the vote.(###)

In the race for Lt. Governor, (a position with zero constitutional responsibilities other than waiting for the Governor to die) Representative Aaron Regunberg fought a tough battle against incumbent Lt. Governor Dan McKee and the race is still too close to call.. But fret you not, the office is meaningless and will make zero difference in your life. Literally ZERO! 

On the local front, Newport City Councilor Lynn Ceglie handily defeated challengers Valerie Larkin and Liam Barry in the race for 2nd Ward Council. No surprise there. Congrats on the re-elect, Lynn!

In other news. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse wiped the floor with someone whose name I never cared to learn. Former Supreme Court Justice Robert Flanders beat some dude named Rocky to challenge Senator Whitehouse in November. Judge Flanders won with 87% of the vote. Never has a guy named Rocky lost so badly since Clubber Lang crushed him in Rocky III.

Congressman David Cicilline and #1 Trump agitator in congress beat some other guy named Chris who once debated Senator Lincoln Chafee and Congressman Bob Weygand in 2000 all while quoting Creedence Clearwater Revival. It was a truly glorious moment!

Former US Attorney Peter F. Neronha will be your next Attorney General and Seth Magaziner will once again be Treasurer of Rhode Island.


Regunberg has conceded to Lt. Dan.

Again. This office has no bearing on your life. McKee was the guy I wanted but it doesn’t matter.