Great White Shark Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s Atlantic Shark Institute Chosen to Present at International White Shark Conference in Australia

The Rhode Island based Atlantic Shark Institute announced Monday that they will premier the preliminary results of their study of white sharks in Rhode Island waters at the White Sharks Global Conference, which will take place in Port Lincoln, South Australia this November. The last white shark-focused conference took place more than a decade ago, in 2010.

White Sharks Global is an international scientific conference aimed at providing an in-person forum for the white shark research community to meet, share ideas, update information and report on the progress of recent scientific studies. Since the last meeting in this conference series, many new studies concerning human impacts and conservation efforts have been undertaken, creating the need to share research advancements and study outcomes.

“We are very enthusiastic to speak about the exciting and important work we are doing on white sharks here in RI and the surrounding waters,” shared Jon Dodd, the Executive Director of the Atlantic Shark Institute. “We are committed to doing top-notch research on questions that have yet to be answered concerning the white shark, and clearly this opportunity to share more about our important work, and our methodology is really gratifying” added Dodd.

Dr. Josh Moyer, the Resident Research Scientist for the Atlantic Shark Institute will represent the ASI at the conference and present the findings on the institute’s recent work, including new data from this summer. “Scientific meetings like White Sharks Global are excellent opportunities to showcase what we’re learning about the white sharks in our backyard. This conference will also allow us to learn new research techniques from our colleagues in the field of white shark research. By exchanging ideas with researchers from around the world, we can strengthen our own research methodologies and expand what is known about white sharks in the Western North Atlantic.”




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