RI Shark License Plate

Coolest License Plate Ever Produced in RI, Available Today!

The Atlantic Shark Institute announced Thursday that their long-awaited license plate for RI drivers is finally available for order. The plate, custom designed and painted by renowned marine artist Paul McPhee, is available for passenger, commercial, and combination plates in the State of RI.

“We are really excited to finally make this plate available to Rhode Island residents, and the timing is perfect as we enter the sharky summer season here in Rhode Island,” said Jon Dodd, Executive Director of ASI. “Paul McPhee is a spectacular marine artist, and he captured the spirit of ASI, the passion of the Ocean State, and the beauty of the mako shark in one fantastic painting,” added Dodd.

The plate can be ordered, starting today, on the Atlantic Shark Institute website at www.atlanticsharkinstitute.org. Plates are $42.50 for a set of plates, with $20 of the purchase going to fund ASI and their shark research. There is also a link on the RI DMV – Charity Plate site that will connect interested buyers to the ASI site.

“Sharks are in trouble, and they need our help. Over 100 million are killed annually and that’s simply not sustainable,” warned Dodd. “With no paid employees, every dollar from our supporters, and from these license plates, will go toward vital research aimed at answering critical questions about shark health, ocean health, and our health,” continued Dodd.

It took more than two years of effort to finally make the plate available, and according to ASI they couldn’t have gotten it done without the assistance of two key supporters: “Representative Fogarty and Senator Sosnowski were truly spectacular in helping us move this legislation forward,” said Dodd. “Navigating the process, the hearings, getting the bill heard, and finally winning approval could never have been done without them, and we could not be more appreciative of their efforts,” Dodd concluded.

Like all RI issued charity plates, the RI DMV will not produce or mail plates until 600 have been ordered. In the case of ASI, once they hit 600 plates ordered for either of the three types that have been approved (passenger, commercial, combination) they will be shipped, so order yours today and tell your friends!




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