photo credit: Chip Michalove

Great White Shark LeeBeth Reaches Massachusetts After Record-Breaking 6,000-Mile Journey

In an exciting development for marine biologists and shark enthusiasts alike, the great white shark named LeeBeth has made her way to Massachusetts. This remarkable shark was tagged by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s (AWSC) senior scientist Dr. Megan Winton, in collaboration with Outcast Sport Fishing, off the coast of South Carolina on December 8th.

LeeBeth made headlines in the shark science community when she was detected off the coast of Matamoros, Mexico, on February 28th. This marked a historic milestone as it was the furthest west a white shark has ever been tracked into the Gulf of Mexico. Since her tagging, LeeBeth has traveled over 6,000 miles, showcasing the incredible migratory capabilities of these apex predators.

As she now navigates the waters off Cape Cod, the question arises: will LeeBeth remain in this area, or will she venture further north into Canadian waters?

You can follow LeeBeth’s ongoing journey and track her movements on the Sharktivity app, providing a unique window into the life of one of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures.




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