RI Warriors For Trump To Protest Because He Received Less RI Votes In 2020 Than 2016 (Spoiler: He Got More)

Calling all lovers of freedom and fair elections! The Rhode Island Warriors for Trump (the team behind the Trumpapalooza boat parade) are holding a protest at the RI Board of Elections on Friday at noon to demand a recount because “there is no way Trump got less votes than in 2016.”

The group says that ‘Rhode Island must be held accountable for election integrity’ and I wholeheartedly agree! The fact that in 2016 Trump received 180,543 votes and now in 2020, due to fraud, Trump only received 196,051 votes which is obviously way less than the 180,530 he received here in 2016!!!!

Oh wait. Hmm. Huh? Um…psst…hey guys, 196,000 is > 180,000.

But no worries, math is hard.

PS – Bring your American flags and signs.