Salve Regina University Named #7 Most Beautiful Coastal College Campus In U.S.

Best Value Schools just compiled a list of the 30 most beautiful coastal college campuses in the United States and Salve Regina University here in Newport, RI came in at #7.

The beach colleges were chosen and ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Location: Each campus on this list is located on the coast and within easy access to beaches.
  • Awards & Recognition: (2 points for an international accolade; 1 point for an American accolade; 1 point for appearing on the National Register of Historic Places): Whether a national award or an honor bestowed by a group or organization, any recognition a campus has received played a large part in its placement on this list. Generally speaking, the larger and more recent the honor, the higher the college was placed.
  • Student Enjoyment (1 point per notable feature): While most of the on-campus features described in this article can be appreciated visually by both students and visitors, those campuses with features that can be physically enjoyed by the school’s student body (such as botanical gardens) were given higher priority.
  • Number of Notable Features (1 point per feature): Campuses with more than one significant or celebrated building or feature were ranked higher than those with a single notable feature. Local and privately owned beaches were included in this category.
  • Other (1 point each): Those campuses with other notable characteristics, such as historical significance or environmental friendliness, were also considered.

Salve Regina University – #7 (18 points)

Salve Newport RI


Founded in 1947 by the Sisters of Mercy, Salve Regina University is a beautiful 80-acre waterfront campus located in Newport, Rhode Island’s Ochre Point-Cliffs National Historic District. As if “waterfront” and “National Historic District” weren’t charmingly cool enough, the university also boasts a surprisingly large (if not chilly) surf scene. But the true gems of Salve Regina are certainly on its 80-acre campus, and include the impressive chateau that is Ochre Court, the Romanesque Revival McAuley Hall, and the mock-Elizabethan Wakehurst manor house.

The University of Rhode Island ranked #3.

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