Senator Whitehouse Delivers $20.2 Million Direct Investment in Rhode Island Communities

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse announced a significant infusion of over $20.2 million into Rhode Island. These funds will support 36 local projects, enhancing community-based programs and job opportunities. Senator Whitehouse’s vote on Saturday propelled a package of six fiscal year 2024 appropriations bills to President Biden’s desk for final approval.

This additional funding supplements the nearly $60 million secured earlier this month, bringing the total investment in Rhode Island to $79.4 million for the year. Whitehouse emphasized the importance of these funds in bolstering job training programs and fostering economic growth in Rhode Island.

Key projects include $273,000 for upgrades to Day One facilities, aiding survivors of sexual assault, $150,000 for Tides Family Services to expand mental health support, and $250,000 for specialized workforce training by the Rhode Island Manufacturers Association.




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