Thames Street Kitchen calls out three-peat no-show customer on social media!

Thames Street Kitchen is shedding light on an issue plaguing many Newport restaurants, the no-show reservation. TSK called out Joe D. after he bailed on his dinner reservation for the third time.

After Mr. Joe D. skipped his Saturday night July 4th reservation, the restaurant fired off a response on Facebook.

“hey Joe, you SUCK. Forgot to tell you that last night.

I’m throwing this on the feed as a PSA for others. What Joe doesn’t understand is that we are working at 66% capacity right now. Most restaurants our size cannot even get to 66% capacity with the table restrictions mandated by the governor. Add spotty rain into the mix like last night and you’ve lost your outdoor seating.

Add jerks like this guy and you’ve then lost your damn mind!

Yes, we could charge everyone a deposit to essentially “hold” their reservation, but we prefer to think everyone is looking out for each other … aren’t we all in this together, one way or another…

Happy 4th everyone! May all restaurants quickly weed out customers like this 🙏🏼. @ Tsk Thames Street Kitchen”

Their message on Instagram went a bit further…adding

and Joe if you’re reading this pull your head out of your ass 🔥


They also reached out directly to the customer.

Without much luck…