Via WJAR 10 – A man from Cranston who weighs 778 pounds is desperate for help after he said Rhode Island Hospital kicked him out.

The man’s father said he has nowhere to take his son.

Steven Assanti, 33, said his eating addiction lead him to the trunk of his father’s SUV with no place to go.

“It’s an addiction, and I realize that,” said Assanti. “And it’s a disease.”

For the past 80 days, Assanti said, he was getting the help he needed at Rhode Island Hospital. There, he lost 20 pounds.

But after Assanti violated his care plan by ordering pizza, he said the hospital told him he could no longer stay.

“I was supposed to stay there and lose all my weight and get down to 550 to get the gastric bypass,” said Assanti. “That was their plan.”

Alright, first of all, I feel bad for this kid because no one should have to go through life like that. Just think about it, no Wednesday Night Music at Norey’s, no trips to Spa Fjor at Hotel Viking, no Reggae Fridays at Tavern on Broadway, no chance of ever seeing someone wearing an item from Deborah Winthrop Lingerie in person. Just no life at all and that totally sucks!  But with that being said, what did this guy think was going to happen when he ordered pizza delivery to Rhode Island Hospital? I’m pretty sure if you were in rehab and ordered delivery service from your coke dealer you’d get thrown out so it kind of makes sense that Rhode Island hospital kicked wheeled him to the curb.

I genuinely feel bad for this dude’s quality of life but not so much for getting kicked out for ordering delivery.

PS – Who did he order from? If it was from one of the two Providence pizza places on the nations 101 Best Pizza Places in America list then maybe he should have received a pass. Well veggie only, of course, meatlovers would require immediate expulsion!

UPDATE -> This dude s a YouTube star.  See him do a rap about pizza and cover Britney Spears. –