(Image Credit: Jack Cohen Photography)

via Robyn Schnaible

“I told my husband this morning that if he went surfing, he was going to get eaten by a shark. He told me I was crazy. We got to Whitecrest about an hour later and came upon a huge crowd of people working to save a 10-12′ Great White that had beached itself. The shark was still alive but had suffered some internal injuries. Several beachgoers were pouring buckets of water over him while others dug a holding pool and a trench to drag him back into the ocean. They had tied one end of a rope around its tail and a paddleboarder carried the other end out to a boat to help tow it in. It was an impressive effort, but unfortunately the shark did not swim off once he was back in the water. ~ Whitecrest Beach, Wellfleet, Cape Cod, September 6, 2015”

PS – How about the cop at the end of the video coming in and screaming at everyone after they just spent all that time trying to save the shark? Kind of surprised that he didn’t just pull out the billy club and start swinging. Chill out dude. Everything’s under control. No one’s breaking any law. Back off.