Via – Sailing Anarchy

Mapfre – It’s A Rock! from Sailing Anarchy on Vimeo.

MAPFRE wins the In-Port Race and then hits the bricks as they wave to the tens of thousands of spectators at Fort Adams. Soundtrack courtesy of Team Vestas Wind. UPDATE: MAPFRE diver is down prepping ‘a few scratches’ for underwater epoxy. No hauling allowed without a penalty, no big worries until the repair falls off!

UPDATE 2: Knut said that the Spanish team can haul and repair, but team spokesperson Helena Paz says that it will not be necessary, as the damage is minor. A happ-ish ending after MAPFRE’s first In-Port victory of the VOR.

Yea, that’s gonna leave a mark. Definitely not something you want to do when you’re just about to sail across the Atlantic!