Beluga Whales Rhode Island

Mystic Aquarium Experts Readied After Reported Sighting Of Beluga Whales In RI

A team from Mystic Aquarium consisting of Biologists, including Beluga whale experts, Veterinarians, and members of the Animal Rescue Team are preparing to mobilize following reports of three Beluga Whales sighted near Jamestown, RI.

“While only video footage is available at this time, the behavior witnessed looks to be normal,” said Mystic Aquarium’s lead Veterinarian Dr. Allison Tuttle.

The team is currently working with NOAA Fisheries and local authorities to locate the three whales for further investigation. In the daylight hours, the team will be deployed to Narragansett Bay for further investigation. A formal review will be made once visual contact has been made to determine the health of the three marine mammals to determine any required next course of action.

Mystic Aquarium is on the leading edge of Beluga whale research both at the Aquarium and in the Arctic. Work done by top researchers including Dr. Tracy Romano is providing specialized data as external factors on this threatened species are examined.

Further information will be provided as soon as it becomes available.