Gronk Shaves His Head For Charity; Enjoys A Sunday Funday In The City-By-The-Sea.

There aren’t many tweets that tell a town that a serious party is about to begin, but this was one of them.

What did Edelman do? Well, like any man of means who’s read the Newport Phrasebook, he headed straight to the Clarke Cooke House.

Unfortunately, he was tired and shagged out after a long day being Edelman…

It’s a good thing he took it easy and recharged, because one of New England’s greatest party animals was about to introduce everyone to a serious Sunday Funday. Rob Gronkowski woke up Sunday morning and thought, “I’m going to raise a bunch of money to help kids fight cancer and then I’m going to Newport to get my buddy Edelman ****ed up.” So that’s exactly what Gronk did.

Gronk Shaved head

Here he is at the #BuzzForKids event, getting his noggin clipped.

Ridley Gronk Edelman Newport

Then Gronk grabbed Ridley and headed down to Newport. They met up and headed to the Landing, where they were stalked by Newport Creeps Brendan O’Rourke and Jon-Michael “Nesi” Veronesi.

Gronkowski Babysits In Newport

 Gronk babysat for Rachel Condelli…Gronk Edelman Taylor Prescott

Then he and Edelman gave Taylor Prescott a wave.  Patriots in Newport, ridley, edelman, gronkowski

Amanda Puleo thought the Patriots were Pokemon and collected them all for an endorsement of Resqwater.

Gronk in Newport

Shannon Buss grabbed Gronk for a pic too…


Britt Doherty Gronk

Gronk may not realize it yet, but he’s now one half of Newport’s newest power couple with Brittany Doherty.

Lisa Murgo And Ridley

Lisa Murgo grabbed a pic with Ridley at The Deck while enjoying a Gansett Del’s Shandy…

Gronkowski In Newport, Gronk in Newport, Patriots

The Deck’s line to get a pic with Gronk wasn’t Ladies Only…

Ridley Cassandy_toesApparently Ridley wasn’t as interesting as one fan’s phone… Unfortunately, not everyone got to meet their heroes…


So congrats to all the Newporters who got to hang with some of the NFL’s coolest cats…and someone get Edelman a Red Bull.


PS Here’s’s hack version of this story. What, no hat tip?