Newport resident Scott Koziara is battling a crippling disease known as Empty Nose Syndrome following disastrous functional nasal surgery in August 2015. He has been struggling mightily to breathe, swallow, and sleep since October 2015 and has been virtually housebound with increasing heart problems and severe dysfunction of his autonomic nervous system and vital organs.

ENS was first identified in 1994 by Dr. Eugene Kern at the Mayo Clinic. Scott was examined in December by an Otolaryngologist with years of experience at the Mayo Clinic who said that Scott “Would never be cured and would never be the same again.”

Severe cases of ENS are believed to be incurable and virtually untreatable. Scott has been actively researching stem cell clinics all over the world in hopes that innovative stem cell treatments in countries allowing aggressive stem cell therapy can save his life. He leaves for China tomorrow morning for treatment!

The Newport Buzz will be up chronicling Scott’s efforts as he fights to regain his life.