We have all been in the situation where finding something to do seems nearly impossible. We would even venture to guess that it has happened to you at least once this week. After a few text messages between your group of friends, or back and forth with your significant other, you settle on doing the same thing and patronize the same place.

That ends today.

GoNPT is a text message based service that connects you with a local expert that provides you with local advice on the best of what’s happening. They’ve built a platform that allows you to communicate directly with your own personal “friend”: someone that has knowledge of where to go, and what to do.


It’s simple: you send a text message to 401-239-0050, and you are connected directly to a local expert that will answer any questions you have.

Catering to both locals and tourists, the GoNPT team continuously updates events and places to go on their website, and gives you recommendations based on your conversation.

Here’s the best part: the entire service is free. There is no catch.

To get started, all you have to do is text ‘hello’ to 401-239-0050. You can find more information at