A rare blue lobster has been caught by Massachusetts lobsterman Wayne Nickerson off of Cape Cod. Blue lobsters, estimated to occur just one in two million times, are caused by a genetic defect which creates an abundance of a protein that causes the blue hue.

The two-pound lobster is currently being kept in a holding tank and Nickerson plans to donate it to Boston’s New England Aquarium.

But the real question is, would you boil or bake stuff this little guy? I’d probably just boil him and eat him without butter. Why without butter, you ask? Because lobster is way too delicious to ruin it with butter. That’s just gross. What are we, seven-years-old?

What a waste to put him in an aquarium. Fact, I’ve never met a lobster I didn’t want to eat. Just toss in some boiled potatoes and wash him down with a nice rose’.


youre my boy blue

PS – This is Nickerson’s second blue lobster, he caught his first in 1990 and donated that one to an aquarium too. This dude just loves to waste food!