The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority put out a statement today that when looked at quickly would make one think the bridge traffic problems were going away.

Awesome right?  Well not so fast. Just as they did last spring (see below), they claim victory and then drop the bad news.

They declare victory and take a victory lap…

The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA) has announced the early completion of the first phase of the deck repair project on the Newport Pell Bridge. This comes weeks before its scheduled completion date. As of Friday morning, the traffic pattern on the Bridge will resume to two lanes in each direction.”
They pat themselves on the back a bit more and let us know that travel will resume in two lanes in each direction once again…
“This project, which began on May 16 and recommenced on September 19, consisted of a partial depth hydro-demolition and replacement of the concrete roadway deck from curb to curb for 1,000 feet of the westbound and eastbound lanes to the east approach of the Bridge (Newport side). The contractor removed the concrete roadway deck down to the rebar and fresh concrete was poured. This work required permanent lane closures, and single travel lanes in each direction, however travel will now resume to two lanes in each direction.”
And then they drop this on us at the end of the press release…
“The first phase of the deck repair project is complete and permanent lanes closures are no longer in place. However, RITBA will continue ongoing maintenance to other areas of the bridge which will require temporary daily lane closure between the hours of 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. These lane closures are standard with routine maintenance and don’t affect rush hour traffic.”
So what is it? Are they done or not? Of course not. They’re never done. Pack a lunch and enjoy the traffic.
Remember last Spring when they basically used the same tactic?
They drop this “good news” on us so we can all celebrate how they got it done early and they can pat themselves on the back.
Then when we’re all celebrating their success, they follow it up with this garbage ONE MONTH later!!!
Wait, what? We thought you were done?