Newport Invests in Coastal Resilience with Tide Gate Installation at Wellington Avenue

Newport is currently working to fulfill its commitment to safeguard against flooding hazards in the city with a $1.6 million project aimed at combating flooding by 81 percent through the installation of a Tide Gate on Wellington Avenue.

Recent data released by the Utilities Department sheds light on the urgency of this initiative. Wellington Avenue has borne the brunt of flooding with an average of 70 flooding incidents annually in recent years. The introduction of the new Tide Gate is poised to drastically reduce this figure to a mere six occurrences per year. Additionally, the projected duration of flooding is expected to plummet from 62 hours to just 5 hours during an average year.

Residents are urged to exercise caution as construction crews will be mobilizing on-site in the forthcoming weeks to oversee the installation process. The focus will be on outfitting a 66″ storm drain and associated culvert adjacent to the Wellington Avenue Pump Station with the Tide Gate.

This undertaking marks the third Tide Gate installation in recent years, following successful implementations at Bridge Street and beneath Storer Park. These prior installations have yielded tangible results in mitigating tidal flooding in the Point area. With this in mind, Newport remains hopeful that residents in the Wellington Avenue neighborhood will soon reap similar benefits upon the completion of this pivotal infrastructure project.




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