On Saturday, June 16th at 5pm, Scotland returns to Newport Polo for its 13th campaign against USA at the polo grounds at Glen Farm 

The 6-chukker exhibition polo match will mount USA, looking to even the record of wins against rival Scotland, for a duration of approximately 2 hours.  The match will conclude with a trophy presentation, autograph signing and après polo Scottish Stovie dinner celebration (sold separately, by advanced reservation).

Returning for Scotland will be Jamie Douglas Sr., James Douglas Jr., Hiro Suzuki and Mike Christopherson. “Polo is an international sport, played in over 80 countries around the globe, and we are honored to have teams traveling great distances to play in Newport,” stated Dan Keating, captain of the USA squad.  A following of Scottish fans from throughout the region will be in attendance at the match, wearing kilts and waving ‘the Saltire’ St. Andrews cross in lively support of their fellow countrymen. 

Tickets to the match ($15 for General Admission and $25 for Pavilion seating) are available online at www.nptpolo.com

2018  Schedule

June        1  Season Kickoff Cocktail Party          7pm     CCH Midway Bar

                     & Team Dinner                                   

                2  Opening Day:   USA vs. Poland        5pm     Boar Roast                   

                9  Newport Cup                                       5pm     VIP Lounge

              16  USA vs. Scotland                                5pm    Scottish Stovie      

              23  Newport vs. Boston                            5pm     VIP Lounge

              30  Independence Cup                              5pm

July        7   USA vs. Italy                                        5pm    Amici Riuniti

              14   Newport vs. Pittsburgh                      5pm    VIP Lounge

              15   All Charity Day                                    5pm     

              21   USA vs. Ireland                                   5pm    Asado Lamb Roast

              28   Newport vs. Palm Beach                    5pm    VIP Lounge       

Aug        3    Midnight in Marrakesh                       7pm     Rosecliff

               4    USA vs. Morocco                                5pm     Lobsterbake

              11   Newport vs. Buffalo                            5pm     VIP Lounge

              18   USA vs. Jamaica                                 5pm     Jerk Grill

              25   Newport vs. New York                        5pm     

Sept       1   USA vs. England                                  4pm     Twist & Shout

               8   Newport vs. Baltimore                         4pm     VIP Lounge

              15   USA vs. India                                       4pm     Masala Fever

              22   New England Challenge                     4pm

               29   Finals                                                    4pm