Marcos Henrique discovered this shark last night washed up in front of Atlantic Beach Club on the eastern end of Easton’s (1st) Beach.

The shark was 3 to 4 feet long and appears to be a juvenile blue shark sand tiger shark.

according to Wikipedia:

The sand tiger is often associated with being vicious or deadly, due to their relatively large size and sharp, protruding teeth that point outward from their jaws, however they are quite docile, and are not a threat to humans: their mouths are not large enough to cause a human fatality. Sand tigers roam the surf, sometimes in close proximity to humans, and there have been only a few instances of unprovoked sand tiger shark attacks on humans, these usually being associated with spear fishing, line fishing or shark feeding.[5] As of 2013 the database of Shark Attack Survivors does not list any fatalities due to sand tiger sharks.[20] When the sharks become aggressive they tend to steal the fish or bait rather than attack humans. Owing to its large size and docile temperament, the sand tiger is commonly displayed in aquariums around the world.

newport ri shark


photos via Marcos Henrique