SnoHub has launched in Rhode Island.

The SnoHub app connects homeowners with contractors to remove snow. The app enables homeowners to simply request snow clearing service by tapping the app on their iPhone. Registration is done through the app for SnoHub and can done in under 10 minutes.

James Albis, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, says, “we have created a simple and convenient mobile app for home owners to request ‘on demand’ snow clearing around their home”The SnoHub app is an efficient solution that homeowners and snow clearing contractors (new & existing) can depend on.  To use the SnoHub App, homeowners download the App from either the Apple sign up and enter basic information about the services they want such as plow driveway or clear walkwaysCustomer’s credit card information can be loaded using optical scanning technology and all financial information is securely held.

The App will notify homeowners of the estimated time of arrival of their contractor together with photos of the vehicle and the driver.  Customers using their app can track on their mobile phone using real time tracking technology.  Upon arrival photos are taken of each service area together with the measurement of the snow depth.  When the job is finished another set of photos is sent to homeowners to confirm completion and the home owners credit card is charged using secure credit card gateway managed through Stripe and Amazon. SnoHub provides enhanced customer flexibility ordering ‘service on demand’.  The benefits of SnoHub are clear, there is no long-term commitment or contract, homeowner’s pay only when they want snow cleared all from one App. SnoHub has eliminated the ambiguity and awkwardness related to snow removal-with a seamless, simple booking process, secure mobile payment gateway, coupled with an unmatched customer experience.  SnoHub is the easiest, and most convenient way to request snow clearing services period.  SnoHub eliminates the challenge of searching for a snow clearing contractor and the frustrating part of chasing a contractor by phone that no one ever picks up.   

Albis points out “SnoHub has opened the door for people with reliable equipment, to step into the market and earn extra income when they want. There are thousands of people looking for additional ways to generate income to make ends meet, clearly the SnoHub App provides this opportunity.

SnoHub is looking to partner with 7500+ contractors across 18 U.S States and will serve an anticipated 75,000 job requests this winter.  Albis, also points out “there are plenty of guys who want and are ready to work, who need extra income, want flexibility, and now they can with the right equipment and motivation to work.”   

Albis continues, “our task was to create a scalable solution to address the problems of snow clearing that has been plagued with inefficiencies for decades, at SnoHub we connect our customers with great people by leveraging innovative mobile technology coupled with the best customer experience. Pricing starts at $59 for a base of 3 Inches of snow, $10 per inch there after + any other additional service area requests are considered extra charges.