Chuck Stacey,50, an anti-masker COVID skeptic from Florida, issued a video plea from his hospital bed to not end up like him.

His friend Daniel Uhlfelder shared the video on Twitter Saying: “My friend didn’t wear a mask because he believed the lies from our leaders. Now, he’s close to being intubated. He asked that I share this. Wear a mask!

“I didn’t wear a mask. I should’ve. I didn’t,” Stacey says in the video. “I believed this was just the flu, that it was all going to go away, that it was political. I didn’t think a mask would help.”

Stacey adds, “If wearing a mask can reduce your chances of getting this even by five per cent, just wear a mask. Do it for your children, your loved ones. Do it for yourself.”

“I just thank God that I haven’t given this to someone and taken a life. I would not be able to handle that.”

“I was wrong, can’t be more wrong. But to wish me death? To say I don’t deserve to be treated? What’s wrong with you people, we’re supposed to love one another, pray for one another,” Stacey said in the video. “I pray for all y’all. I pray you don’t get it.”

Stacey said he wanted to share his story because, “if what is happening to me can make one person do something that might save their life I’m good with it.”