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Audrain Motorsport Acquires Creative & Digital Content Creator, Empire Films

Audrain Motorsport today announced that it has acquired creative and digital content creator Empire Films. Empire founder Matt Albano will join the Newport, Rhode Island Audrain Motorsport team as their Director of Video Media Production, reporting to the CEO, Donald Osborne.

With the acquisition of Empire Films, Audrain Motorsport will now be able to allow collectors, institutions and businesses to bring the story of their special vehicles to brilliant life in compelling video productions. Not only will Audrain Motorsport be able to take on clients to help bring their visions to life, this new endeavor enables Audrain to continue to push the envelope with its own creative and digital content. “We are looking forward to diving headfirst into the world of creative media,” said Osborne. “I can only begin to imagine what this new partnership will bring in 2022 and beyond.”

With Audrain’s impressive list of automotive events happening this year, alongside the much-anticipated 2022 Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week this Fall, car lovers can look forward to a wide variety of new digital and film content.

“The sky is the limit for us going forward,” adds Osborne. “Given our ever-growing content team and now the acquisition of Empire, we will easily be able to surpass and build on the strong foundation we have already established. Fans of our YouTube channel can now look forward to an exciting new line up of content which will include, Track Days, Car Tours, Road Rallies and Races, not to mention the premium digital coverage of Audrain’s exciting calendar of events. It is an auto enthusiast dream come true.”

Empire joins the Audrain team with an impressive portfolio of work, stretching across all corners of The United States. Covering North to South, Empire’s resume is well-decorated, having worked with popular companies like Porsche, Porsche Club of America, Motor Trend, PowerBar, Toys-R-Us, and Monticello Motor Club. “Our work experience has brought us into a number of diverse environments – covering communications, automotive, dance, childhood, and outdoor groups,” said Albano. “It is an edge that will complement the Audrain Motorsport initiative perfectly. We understand the needs of modernity in building a company’s digital content-driven initiatives. The tools to create stunning videos are more accessible and the demand for unique videos are growing every year. The passion that brought us together to create Empire Video Productions is the passion that sustains us every year – to create memorable moments in time.”

“It is that passion that drew Audrain Motorsport towards this exciting video group, and the new relationship will deliver unforgettable and memorable video experiences,” adds Osborne. “We are looking forward to pushing the envelope of what is possible in delivering unparalleled and memorable automotive experiences,” said Osborne.

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