Duke Endorsed: Episode 1 – Pasta Beach

👑 Welcome to the Grand Unveiling of “Duke Endorsed”!🍴

Ladies and gentlemen, foodies and friends, prepare for an epic journey through the culinary gems of Newport, Rhode Island and beyond!

Meet the enigmatic Duke, a figure of legend in these parts, a true connoisseur of the extraordinary. 👤✨ His mystique, charm, and tasteful elegance have made him a local legend, and now, he’s here to share his adventures with all of you.

Alongside the Duchess, these two will be your guides as they crisscross the Ocean State, unearthing culinary treasures. From quaint seaside restaurants to the hottest rezzy in town, they will be dishing out the official “crown stamp of approval” 👑, because only the finest deserves the Duke’s endorsement.

Trust us… Dining with the Duke and Duchess is a night like no other. We would share the deets; however, we are sworn to secrecy🤫



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