Fisherman Catches Great White Shark 10 Yards Off Of Nauset Beach

A 25-year-old man fishing from the shoreline at Nauset Beach on Cape Cod made the catch of a lifetime. Matt Pieciak was surf casting when the white shark hit his bait.

“We started having some beers and I think we were playing corn hole and I saw the rod start to bend over my cousin’s shoulder,” Pieciak told NBC Boston. “That’s when I ran by him and just kind of shoved my drink in his chest and said, ‘Hey, hold this.’”


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Pieciak briefly fought the fish before the line snapped and Jaws got away.

“The shark I don’t even think would have felt the line, to be completely honest,” Pieciak said. “I didn’t stand a chance against that, no way. Those things are the size of boats.”

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