Governor McKee Hits Airwaves, Highlighting Family, “Kitchen Table Issues”

Governor Dan McKee on Tuesday debuted the first TV ad of his campaign for a full term, titled “Motha.”

“My first year and a half in office has been focused on rebuilding Rhode Island’s economy, getting children back in the classroom, and working for every Rhode Islander,” said Governor McKee. “We’ve made tremendous progress, and our work is not done.”

The ad, filmed at his home in Cumberland, centers around his family’s kitchen table on a typical Sunday night, drinking coffee milk and playing cards with his wife Susan, daughter Kara, son Matt, and 94-year-old mother, Willa.

“I’m so lucky to have my mom around – she is our family’s anchor. In doing this important work for our state, it’s been my family who has kept me grounded as we tackle the issues that are important for Rhode Island families. Susan, Kara, Matt, and my mom are my biggest supporters. ”

The ad shows Governor McKee playing a round of his family’s favorite game, ‘May I?’, laying down cards highlighting several of the actions the Governor has taken to deliver results for Rhode Island families. Sporting some friendly competition, Willa jokes, “Not bad for a Gov-na that lives with his motha!”

“As I said when I delivered my State of the State address, I know how Rhode Islanders are feeling right now. When my family and I sit around our kitchen table, we feel that way too. That’s why I’ve focused on things that will make the biggest difference in Rhode Islanders’ lives: delivering direct tax relief including eliminating the car tax, signing gun safety measures, and making an historic investment in housing. Great things are happening in Rhode Island – for all families – and we’re just getting started.”



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