Governor McKee’s Campaign Refutes Ashley Kalus’ False Claim on Energy Crisis

Governor Dan McKee’s campaign has released the following statement following Republican gubernatorial candidate Ashley Kalus’ misleading calls, under the guise of advocacy for Rhode Islanders, to improperly invoke a state statute.

“Shame on Ashley Kalus for trying to mislead Rhode Islanders about the law to score political points. Rising energy costs is a serious issue that deserves a serious solution – what Ms. Kalus has served up to voters is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to distract from her failing campaign. This is what desperation looks like,” said Brexton Isaacs, Campaign Manager for Governor McKee’s campaign.

“We also know that the Energy Crisis Management Act was passed to address the fuel shortages of the 1970s with the goal of giving the Governor authority to address supply shortages, NOT roll back prices. What happens when a Governor tries to improperly invoke a state law to make good on an empty political promise? Taxpayers get put on the hook for millions of dollars in lengthy litigation. Meanwhile, the problem doesn’t get solved,” added Isaacs.

“Further – Ms. Kalus either deliberately posted section 42-60-4 from the 1980 law on her website instead of the updated 1992 version or she didn’t bother to do a simple Google search to see what the current law actually is. While Ashley Kalus is trying to rewrite Rhode Island law, Governor McKee is taking action and delivering results to address energy costs. That’s what Rhode Islanders expect from their leaders – serious solutions to address the challenges they face.”



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