Jessica Jarrett Answer Zola

Jessica and Jarrett tell their sides of the Zola story

So first things first. If you haven’t read Zola’s AMAZING account click here to get caught up.

The internet has been absolutely losing its mind over the GREATEST story ever told on Twitter.  It has been read more than 100 million times and Zola’s account didn’t depict Jess or Jarrett in the particularly positive light so they’ve both jumped into the conversation.

Jess took to Reddit to share her side of the story…

(note Zola’s real name is Aziah)


Here’s Jessica’s account:

“Let’s start by saying that the beginning of Aziah’s story is about the only part of her story that is somewhat true. I did meet Aziah while eating at Hooters. A good friend of mine and I were eating when she walked by at the time with long hair and her hooters uniform. She looked amazing so we called her over. I guess you could quote Aziah on the fact that we were “vibing on our hoeism or whatever” seeing as how she was showing me her a full nude blog that she runs under the name Zola. In a picture I noticed a red and silver sequined thong. Being a dancer myself I recognized it immediately.

We began talking about how long we’ve been strippers and what Detroit clubs we’ve worked in. I admitted to dancing in basically every club on the 8 mile strip since 18 years old explaining that I go where the money is. She informed me that she was a dancer at trumps. I was getting ready to leave and tables were getting full so we exchanged numbers and parted ways.

I contacted Aziah about a day later to tell her I had a job interview at the same Hooters and as she said I invited her to come down to Florida with me to dance (believe it or not most strippers do travel and stick together). Like Aziah’s story she had her things ready by 8:00pm and was indecisive because her fiancé was not wanting her to go. However the thing that got in the car with myself and the man we will continue to call “Z” (not even close to his name) was not the same Aziah I picked up in the bar days before! This girl walks out in some basic leggings and torn shirt with a short nappy wig on that, excuse my language, smelled like ass! I gave her a break and assumed she knew how to clean up well and that she only looked like this for the hours we’d be in the car. The entire encounter in the basement of my house is false – nothing to be said. Fast forward to actually being in Florida and as she said we were stuck in a really janky motel. Welcome to Tampa during Spring Break! No nice hotels had vacancy for the week.

Aziah and I wanted to hop right into the money so we got ready for work that night while Jarrett found the numbers to clubs for us. We got out, had dinner at J Alexander’s with “Z” and yes his fiancé! We then dropped Jarrett off and got dropped off ourselves at the Gold club. I was given paperwork immediately to sign and hired on spot and Aziah, who hadn’t clean up like I’d hoped, had to audition. Reason to be a jealous bitch number one!

It’s true that this club was completely off their rocker we had to wear nude nipple covers and have our butts covered and to top it off there were a million and one rules on how to acquire a back room. Within an hour or two I made only $100, not something I was pleased, with and Aziah had made one dollar. Reason to be a jealous bitch number two!

I could tell she was highly uncomfortable so I called “Z” and had him get us. He told us like Aziah said that his fiancé had had a slow night as well and we were going to pick her up at the club she works in. (FYI she doesn’t live in Florida not own a house) We waited until about 4AM before Jarrett completely blew up my phone. Knowing Z he instantly said I never went to a club I had to of been “trapping” and as the story explained Jarrett is quite the emotional fella. There was no making him realize clubs in Tampa run till 5am. I was not trying to deal with that so I booked a new hotel room for the night. Z and Aziah get to talking and she explains basically that all she does at work is extras (aka prostitution) and all she wants to do for money is lay on her back and take it. So I’m like cool I don’t care what this girl does support the naked hustle. I’m not one to tell a b*tch what to do with her body. So she downloads a texting app and goes straight to work.


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