New Digital Ad Highlights Governor McKee’s ‘Game Plan’ for Success

On Monday, Governor Dan McKee’s campaign launched a new digital ad featuring the Governor on the basketball court. He draws on his experience coaching young people from across Rhode Island, which has prepared him with a winning leadership strategy.

The ad opens on the basketball court, where Governor McKee takes a few shots while talking about his time coaching basketball. We see old photos of Governor McKee and his players throughout the years. Flash forward to his time in public service as Mayor, then Lt. Governor, and now Governor —  he says the lessons he learned on the court have stayed with him. 

“During my inauguration speech last March, I addressed Rhode Islanders with a phrase that I have come to cherish over the years:  ‘Good teams are built when talented individuals do their best. But the best teams, the very best teams, are built when talented individuals use their skills to help others do their very best.’ It’s a philosophy I learned on the basketball court, but it’s true about Rhode Island, as well,” said Governor McKee. “When I took office, Rhode Island had some of the highest death and hospitalization rates in the nation. Our businesses and schools were closed. Our economy was lagging. But, in just 20 short months, we’ve been able to boost our vaccination rates to the highest in the country. Our economy is the top-recovering in the Northeast. We were able to safely reopen schools and get Rhode Islanders back to work. We did that as a team – with municipal leaders, General Assembly leadership, and you, the Rhode Islanders who care about your communities.”

Governor McKee puts Rhode Islanders first. He is addressing the rising costs and national affordability challenge that Rhode Islanders are facing, with over $265 million in tax relief for families, seniors, Veterans, business owners — and the accelerated end of the car tax for Rhode Islanders. He has already secured tens of millions in energy rate relief ahead of the winter.

“We are just getting started. I have a game plan for the next 4 years and beyond. All we have to do is choose to continue this momentum at the polls November 8 — and this will be a win for all Rhode Islanders,” added Governor McKee.

Last week, Governor McKee sat down with Channel 10’s Brian Crandall at the Boys & Girls Club to share similar stories of coaching and talk about his family’s involvement in starting and leading the club.



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