Newport Most Romantic

Newport and Nantucket named “Most Romantic Weekend Getaways”

File this in the “yea that’s so obvious we’re not sure there even needed to be a list” file but Thrillist has named Newport and Nantucket the “Most Romantic Weekend Getaways” in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Thrillist says:


Newport is so money, and it absolutely knows it. The town is home to so many Gilded Age manors, there’s a separate “mansions” page on its tourism site. Once you’ve gawked at enough chandeliers (and tour guides in absurd, old-timey hats), book a massage at one of the town’s several spas or head to the Newport Vineyards tasting room.


You like lighthouses? Nantucket has three. You like beaches? Nantucket has 10. You like whales? Well, you might have mixed feelings about the Whaling Museum, but it’s there! There are also tons of shops and restaurants to hit during your preppy, picturesque New England weekend, so don’t waste too much time posing for profile pictures on Brant Point.

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featured photo via Thrillist