Rhode Island Legislature to consider 50 Cent Bottle Deposit on “Nips”

The Rhode Island General Assembly is considering a 50 cent bottle deposit on all “nips” (< 100ml) sold in the state. The measure was introduced by Representative David A. Bennett, Chairman of the House Environment and Natural Resources Committee.

The bill would require every such bottle to be stamped to indicate its refund value, which must be at least 50 cents. Retailers would be required to take back the bottles and refund the deposits, and redemption centers could also open for the purpose of taking them back. Bottlers would be required to take back the bottles from retailers, distributers and redemption centers.

The bill (2021-H 5113), which would take effect Jan. 1, 2022, would also prohibit connecting devices such as six-pack rings unless they are made out of degradable materials.

Chairman Bennett has also reintroduced his legislation to cut down on disposable plastic straws. The bill (2021-H 5131), which would take effect upon passage, would not be an outright ban, but would prohibit food service establishments from providing plastic straws unless requested by the consumer. California has a similar law, and many municipalities have also adopted limits or bans.

These nips can be seen littered all over Newport!

Photos via https://www.instagram.com/nipsofnewport/